Liberty Landscaping

Camas North, Bruff, Co. Limerick.
Tel: 087 834 2368.

Project Management

Liberty Landscaping carry out project management of landscaping projects of all scales large and small.

Project Management for landscape projects requires both a qualified and practical Project Manager, who has both the technical ability to read the job requirement with the practical ability to construct or plant the project accordingly to highest standards, with Liberty landscaping you get this peace of mind.

We use a one-to-one Approach of Landscape Project Management.

Our project manager will oversee and supervise the whole construction of your garden and ensure that the design specification is being met to the highest standards. We take control of the project on our client's behalf so they only have to deal with us directly.

Some landscape projects can require many different construction and trade skills, with different contractors being required; we deal with them while the client deals directly with us - cutting out the hassles for the client and making any issue they may have a one-to-one call; no middle-man communication problems .