Liberty Landscaping

Camas North, Bruff, Co. Limerick.
Tel: 087 834 2368.

Plant Supply Direct

Liberty Landscaping Ltd is also a supplier of top quality plants. We are not a nursery or garden centre, however we can supply any plant - from a p9 potted plant to a 25/30 rootballed semi-mature tree. The client also has the advantage of talking to a fully-qualified horticulturist about their choice of order for any need-to-know information or advice.


Ordering is easy: simply contact our horticulturist Jonathan by mobile, fax or email. He will go through the order, offer advice on any questions you may have, and give you a quote.

If you are happy with the quote, plants can be delivered direct to you.

Within Limerick and surrounding areas depending on order size)



potted, semi-mature, spring-ringed
for summer planting

2 litre potted to mature

2 litre potted to mature and rootballed
(wrapped roots with cloth and wire)
in winter months

Herbaceous and Perennials
p9 to 2-litre pots

Ornamental Grasses & Ferns
in a range of sizes

Since we buy plants in bulk for large projects and do not have the overheads of a garden centre, we can supply plants at an extremely competitive rate.